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Bit the Apple. I’m hypnotized.

Ever heard of the story of Snow White. She was tricked by an evil witch into eating a poisoned apple and she was hypnotized after just one bite.snow white


Well, in this story I’m Snow White. The apple I bit into came into existence thanks to Mr. Steve Jobs. Why did I bite of it? It looked like it deserved a bite and I’d resisted it for far too long.

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The leopardess who changed her spots

This leopardess we are talking about is every girl who has been plagued with the problem of acne and it’s after effects – blemishes!

For every girl a breakout results in different experiences:

  1. Either wanting to be noticed only neck down
  2. to not wanting to leave the house until her face clears up
  3. a self-confidence killer resulting in total loss of interest in even wanting to look good until the acne lasts.

Before you begin reading this : this is not a blog post for girls suffering with acne to get relief from. This is a shout-out to everyone who tries to give obvious advice to girls who are victims of acne! You must stop torturing us! It’s bad enough already!

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