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Oreo India’s Facebook Page

So I was checking out the best Facebook brand pages around & I came across the Oreo India Facebook Page.
For starters, you must know I am not an Oreo Fan: I don’t love it, I don’t hate them, I do not think they are cookies, to me they are just chocolate cream biscuits – but their Facebook Page – I’M IN LOVE WITH! Continue reading “Oreo India’s Facebook Page”

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Social Media Day

So today is Social Media Day. Don’t know what Social Media Day is?

Well, to begin with, it’s a day where social media enthusiasts all over the world meet-up in their cities to discuss Social Media, the use of it in their lives, how it has evolved into their lives, what sorta role it plays and its replacement for traditional media.

Although in my opinion, it seems like a perfect day considering the fact that I am a social media enthusiast myself (or should I say budding social media enthusiast), but would I need a day to celebrate the use of social media? For other people like me, we work on social media all the time! To talk of it as though it were a separate part of us, really IS where the challenge lies. Continue reading “Social Media Day”