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Book Review: An Idiot, Placements and IntervYOU by Toffee

“For one moment I could not believe I had been placed in my dream company. I pinched myself thrice to believe what I had heard was real and not a dream.”

The phrase of achievement from every engineering student who didn’t see beyond his book for 4 years of his college life, entrance exams, cut-throat competition & job interviews – that’s what this book is about. Continue reading “Book Review: An Idiot, Placements and IntervYOU by Toffee”

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Book Review: Iron Tooth by Prithvin Rajendran

Iron Tooth comes under the category of a Fantasy novel although I would call it a very failed attempt. The author has tried to go a very Enid Blyton path, failing miserably from capturing the attention of the reader (who I will be referring to further in this article as myself)

The book’s prologue begins with something about a woman who becomes pregnant, thus disgraced her family, then gives birth to not just one baby but also a troll. From there the book begins with the Kingdom of Dashter, the curse that falls on it, to some lay man named Princixx who rises to fame from a challenge he won, and then goes a very Rapunzel route of having to save a princess trapped in a tower. Continue reading “Book Review: Iron Tooth by Prithvin Rajendran”

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Book Review: I’m Not Twenty Four…. by Sachin Garg

The book is as interesting as the Cover Page looks – which is a picture of ‘Saumya’s’ favourite red shoes. It’s the story of a 24-year-old girl, thrown into life’s craziest circumstances because of sheer bad luck, but how all of that turns right around for her.

The Story claims to be one of the most unusual ones for any city going 24-year-old girl & it sure lives up to it. A lot of us have had our elders tell us, “Child, you have not seen life! You are too young now. When you are my age, you will know.” This book proves all of those elders and their advice to youngsters wrong! Continue reading “Book Review: I’m Not Twenty Four…. by Sachin Garg”