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Of Course there is an Animal Heaven & Most Definitely a Doggie Heaven!

I know there is no proof of that and I pride myself in believing only in things that make sense – for example the fact that I chose Christianity over any other religion because it has the most common sense. But I believe what I believe with reason enough to believe.

I think man needs to know of a way to God, to heaven, eternity & heaven/paradise, because man knew sin, man messed up. God had to make a way back for man – so there was provision. I know the Bible does not speak about where animals go or even mention anything about them having souls but I’m going to choose to believe that it’s because animals know where they find their salvation when they die. Continue reading “Of Course there is an Animal Heaven & Most Definitely a Doggie Heaven!”

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Everything that Happens, Happens for the Good?

Do I believe in this? I used to, but today I have changed my mind & I have my reasons to support it.

When God made Man, he gave him the ability to choose, to make decisions which is why Adam & Eve had the choice of to decide if they wanted to eat from the tree of knowledge or not. They chose to do so & we know how that story ended. Would you say that happened for the good?

I believe we have the choice, but most of us misuse this choice. We don’t choose the path less trodden because we are all naturally attracted towards the herd mentality of this world. Follow the world, safety is in numbers & so on. Do we always stop to think it out? Most of our wrong choices are a result of spontaneous or emotional thinking which mostly leads to our minor or major destruction. Would you still say that happens for the good?

People jump into wrong career options because of pressure at home, because they are running out of money in the bargain lose out on time & experience that they could have gained in a job more meaningful, in a job they would be able to live the rest of their life in. Happens for the good?

People get married because they think they are getting old, catch the wrong guy/girl as a companion & regret it for the rest of their life. Still happens for the good?

Faith & Failure

Here’s my take on this: God works everything for our good (Romans 8:28) 

Yes, we have our choices & of course we goof up most of the time, if we commit our lives to God, I think we have most of our wrong decisions covered. He lets us reach out to him,  help us out of the deep ditch we have fallen.

He lets us have our choices but at least we know that he still watching over us while we make those choices, ready to help when we fall. In this case, I would believe everything happens for the good – but not otherwise.

But wait, how do you differentiate one person’s situation from another? Well, I’m no one to judge who is relying on God or who isn’t. When man realizes he can’t make it on his own, he will turn to God on his own – now or later. I’m just writing this blog post to express that opinion 🙂