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A life of Lies

As Cirez sat down after school with his books to do his homework, he suddenly remembered the little treasure he had brought home. He opened Cirez was always taught he never should lie. He was never told why, he was just told he never should. He didn’t know the consequences of it, but as a kid how many of us have questioned that anyway. He obeyed his parents just like any child would The Liar

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This Week will be…

  • Waking up on time every morning
  • Finding a bus every time I reach the bus stop
  • Not getting a lot of traffic
  • Getting a place to sit in the bus I take
  • My bag not getting too heavy
  • The trains not being too crowded
  • Getting a place to sit every time I travel by train
  • Cracking loads of new ideas
  • Loads of reading
  • Productivity at work
  • My day being no longer than 10-7.30 at the most
  • Getting home in time in less than an hour 🙂
  • Not dealing with any eve-teasers

Here’s to a perfect week! Amen! 🙂