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Of Course there is an Animal Heaven & Most Definitely a Doggie Heaven!

I know there is no proof of that and I pride myself in believing only in things that make sense – for example the fact that I chose Christianity over any other religion because it has the most common sense. But I believe what I believe with reason enough to believe.

I think man needs to know of a way to God, to heaven, eternity & heaven/paradise, because man knew sin, man messed up. God had to make a way back for man – so there was provision. I know the Bible does not speak about where animals go or even mention anything about them having souls but I’m going to choose to believe that it’s because animals know where they find their salvation when they die. Continue reading “Of Course there is an Animal Heaven & Most Definitely a Doggie Heaven!”

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PETA India – Striving towards a better world for Animals

Just because they can’t speak, because they are a inferior to man, the human race has taken complete advantage of the animal race. For no fault of theirs, they are made to suffer, tortured, endure pain, killed & made extinct – with them probably wondering what they ever did wrong to deserve such cruelty. Continue reading “PETA India – Striving towards a better world for Animals”

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My First Week At Work…….

So work’s been amazing since I started. I have a reason to wake up in the morning and a happy one because I’m enjoying this job. With the amount of work that I have assigned here even though it’s just the first few days since I started, I feel like the past year of work experience that I have really doesn’t count since I haven’t done HALF as much work in my previous job.
The first week I worked and wondered if there were any meetings that were ever conducted. All I had to do was ask which was yesterday and we had two meetings, one of which was my induction
(first thing said was – “There are no rules here”) & the other one was just work talk (where everyone talked so intelligent and I felt so dumb. But I realized later that there was huge scope for me to learn and talk intelligent like all of them someday.) Continue reading “My First Week At Work…….”