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The leopardess who changed her spots

This leopardess we are talking about is every girl who has been plagued with the problem of acne and it’s after effects – blemishes!

For every girl a breakout results in different experiences:

  1. Either wanting to be noticed only neck down
  2. to not wanting to leave the house until her face clears up
  3. a self-confidence killer resulting in total loss of interest in even wanting to look good until the acne lasts.

Before you begin reading this : this is not a blog post for girls suffering with acne to get relief from. This is a shout-out to everyone who tries to give obvious advice to girls who are victims of acne! You must stop torturing us! It’s bad enough already!

To everyone else of course this is so exaggerated but only someone suffering from constant acne knows that the saying of a ‘leopard (read: leopardess) not changing its spots’ ain’t true cos in this case, there are new spots (read: blemishes) all the time.

Then you have experts all over town that you meet and do not even shy away from asking you, “What’s wrong with your skin?” Like you’ve ruined it on purpose.

They’ll even give you all the advice you need (or don’t), and tell you things you’ve tried:

  1. Drink lots of water! How much are you drinking!? 8 glasses? You should drink 3 litres at least
  2. Green tea
  3. Eat almonds
  4. Have you tried neem?
  5. Drink coconut water everyday
  6. Stop eating oily food
  7. Get your hormones checked. They’re probably all messed up
  8. Here’s a well-known dermatologist’s number
  9. Did you go to the doc I recommended? I bet you didn’t. Your skin hasn’t improved a bit!
  10. Oh you went to that doc? I wonder what’s wrong. Here’s another doc. She’s Bollywood recommended!
  11. Why don’t you just try Kaya?
  12. Stop threading your eyebrows!
  13. Stop going to random parlours
  14. Maybe you need to workout
  15. Maybe you need to workout but not sweat!
  16. Maybe you need to cover your face when you go out
  17. Do you have dandruff?
  18. Tie your hair up
  19. Are you stressed?
  20. Have you met a doctor?
  21. Here, try this product. It’s from the US
  22. Try this product! It’s from the UK
  23. Try this product! It’s from Dubai
  24. Try this product. Its got the extracts of this exotic tree from the untouched forests of Tanzania.
  25. Maybe you need to eat. It’s because you are too thin. All the nutrition is going to your hair
  26. Chop your hair off, maybe your body will send some of the nutrition to your skin
  27. Blood test maybe?
  28. Don’t let your pet dogs lick your face. That’s probably it
  29. Maybe its hereditary?
  30. It will stop when you have babies.

I’ve heard it all! And this is not even all.

Acne is something that I have now learnt to live it. What has definitely helped though is being able to bring it under control with products that contain neem.

Garnier Pure Active Neem – is one product that definitely helps eliminate or control acne for someone like me with an extreme case of acne and blemishes to deal with after. Not just the face wash but also the pimple control pen helps tremendously to attack a pimple at its root.

Garnier Pure Active Face Wash

My skin care regime works like this:

  • Wash face with Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash. I ensure I do not use anything else since my skin is now very used to this face wash.
  • There is also a blackheads scrub that works well and can be used every alternate day on your skin. Over exfoliation is bad!
  • Zap pesky zits (if any) with the Garnier Pimple Relief Roll on.
  • And then moisturize (always moisturize), with Garnier Light cream. It’s non-oily and is light on the face with a lovely smell. Also the BB cream works as an everyday wear cream as well.

Sure, this may appear like any other blog post with a suggested routine. But I can tell you, this doesn’t always keep my skin clear but at least it helps control the outrageous break outs. Also Garnier has Deepika Padukone as brand ambassador, so I’m more of a fan because of that 🙂 Signing off with Deepika 🙂

Deepika Padukone - BB Cream

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