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5 Movie Characters I’d want to be…..

Here’s a new activity from Live Out Blog that I thought I’d challenge myself to. This week’s topic is 5 Movie Characters I’d wanted to be.

Here’s my list:

  1. Rapunzel from Tangled: I want her voice & hair that glows!¬† Continue reading “5 Movie Characters I’d want to be…..”
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Tangled – The Movie Review

First of all, before you read I’ll have you know I love Disney which is why this movie review may seem a little biased to you.
I know Disney fans will appreciate this anyway, so here goes.

Tangled is movie on Rapunzel – the well-known fairy tale about a princess who was taken captive by a cruel old witch and hidden away in a tower until her Prince Charming comes takes her away. Well, Disney adds a little more spice to this story. Continue reading “Tangled – The Movie Review”