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Product Review – Sunsilk Perfect Straight Range

Thanks to Indiblogger‘s ways to reward their bloggers, I received a sample of Sunsilk’s Perfect Straight Range. All I needed to do was fill up a form for a sample with a promise to review the product  & my product was delivered to me. For the future, I must recommend to Indiblogger that they must include a note with every parcel they send to bloggers, so bloggers know where it has come from & not start to wonder if Santa or Fairy God-Mothers maybe real.

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Product Review – Dove Elixir

Just got myself the new Dove Elixir hair oil. I’m a Dove girl, a true fan – no matter what I try I always find myself coming right back to using Dove. I’ve heard their products cause more damage than good, but maybe that doesn’t apply to my kinda hair – because it only leaves my hair nice as ever. The Dove girl in me has been waiting to try out this much awaited product by Dove so it sure is a product worth talking about.

Dove Elixir is a premium range of hair oils with real ingredients. It’s available in three variants:

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