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Dealing with Acne -30 Days update

I am smiling as I write this because I’m soooo happy with the results of this Sotret on my skin. My skin has cleared up so quickly and it looks almost normal. It’s not perfect but to even get to this stage is a huge deal for me. Here are some before and after pictures to show you everything that has changed. Continue reading “Dealing with Acne -30 Days update”

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Dealing with Acne – My story

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had acne now. I’ve been trying to think back to when it started and it’s about 12 years now. A whole frustrating 12 years of dealing with this and no sign of it even calming down.

I’ve never talked about acne as such a problem but this is a side of me that I’ve braved for the longest time, smiled through it all until about 4 years ago when I acknowledged it as a problem and decided I deserve good skin too!

I’ve done it all. Started with peels at Kaya Skin Clinic, dermabrasion, cortisone injections, some more peels, topical creams, blood cleanser tonics like Safi, fish oil, zinc. I’ve done it all. NOTHING worked. NOTHING at all. Every time I tried a new treatment, I was determined it would work but it just refused to.

I finally did hormone tests, tested for PCOD – everything was clear there too. I’d read more than enough to know about acne, what caused it & that it is always the effect of an underlying problem in the body. But What???? How could I find out? People would say it’s my diet, my lifestyle, not sleeping enough, too much diary, less zinc, change pillow cases every week etc., but nothing seemed to be my trigger.

While I was trying to fix my acne, the side of me visible to the world was this confident girl who didn’t care about what her skin looked like, walked out without make up because she was low maintenance & was generally no-nonsense, least interested in fashion kinda person. What the world didn’t know is that I just didn’t think my skin was worth the make up which is why I didn’t use it. I didn’t think anything could make me look normal so I didn’t bother trying. I was low maintenance because well I didn’t think I deserved any better.

I was determined to have clear skin for my wedding day so I went through vigorous rounds of extreme chemical treatments & peels to get clear skin. A year and a half later I had almost perfect skin – just what I wanted for my wedding. No acne, just light marks – which was good enough for me.

This is what I looked like then

But, that was short-lived. It soon came right back and this time stronger, more painful, at it’s fiercest & harshest.

With the research I’d done & the treatments I’d already tried, I knew what would work and what wouldn’t. My dermat joked saying I could write a book or be her assistant with all my knowledge on meds etc.

But all of this together, pushed me to the one treatment I’d been avoiding for the longest time – isotretinoin.

My doc recommended it to me again this time. Must have been the 2nd time now. But I’d decided I would not resist. I’d done enough research to know there were side effects – extreme and the common ones, but nothing I would not put myself through for the sake of finally having good skin.

Lee on YouTube was instrumental in my decision. I related to her so much and she got onto isotretinoin as well. Her skin was similar, emotions she felt were similar, it just helped make that decision easier.

So, now – I’m finally on it. The ultimate cure for acne. In India, the brand name I’m on is Sortret and I’m on 20mg to start with. I could do a dosage as high as 50mg basis my height and weight but I’ve started low.

I’ll be documenting my journey every 20 – 30 days. I’ll be brave and also put up pictures too if I know that will help some others.

I’m doing this mainly because I know what acne is as a condition and I know how it affects us & I want to help others like me. If being on isotretinoin helps me, others in India should know that too. There is enough material on isotretinoin and people using them in the U.S. but none here so I’m going to try be as detailed as I can with this medication.

Hope I’m able to help a whole lot of others in India with products and tricks to get through here in India. And *fingers crossed* this treatment finally does work for me.

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The leopardess who changed her spots

This leopardess we are talking about is every girl who has been plagued with the problem of acne and it’s after effects – blemishes!

For every girl a breakout results in different experiences:

  1. Either wanting to be noticed only neck down
  2. to not wanting to leave the house until her face clears up
  3. a self-confidence killer resulting in total loss of interest in even wanting to look good until the acne lasts.

Before you begin reading this : this is not a blog post for girls suffering with acne to get relief from. This is a shout-out to everyone who tries to give obvious advice to girls who are victims of acne! You must stop torturing us! It’s bad enough already!

Continue reading “The leopardess who changed her spots”