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This Week will be…

  • Waking up on time every morning
  • Finding a bus every time I reach the bus stop
  • Not getting a lot of traffic
  • Getting a place to sit in the bus I take
  • My bag not getting too heavy
  • The trains not being too crowded
  • Getting a place to sit every time I travel by train
  • Cracking loads of new ideas
  • Loads of reading
  • Productivity at work
  • My day being no longer than 10-7.30 at the most
  • Getting home in time in less than an hour 🙂
  • Not dealing with any eve-teasers

Here’s to a perfect week! Amen! 🙂


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Life Balances

Life is such a RUSH!

All that I’ve been doing in these past few weeks is rushing from one day to the next, one chore to the next, one job to the next, one mood to the next.. It’s a wonder one year has passed by and I haven’t noticed time fly by with the amount I have been rushing about. Continue reading “Life Balances”

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Mumbai Indians v/s South Australian redbacks

So yesterday’s match was quite tense. Just when you thought the action was building up, Sachin Tendulkar was bowled out by Newbie O’Brien having touched just 20 runs! The Mumbai Indians star yesterday was Tiwary with 44 runs, Rayudu following closely with 38 runs.

The shocker of it all was that after Mumbai Indians was done batting I thought to myself they’ve made themselves a good score of 180, going to be a tough one-this match, maybe they could make their first win today.. And walks in the South Austrailian Redbacks, DJ Harris making 56 runs & M Klinger at 50 runs. Continue reading “Mumbai Indians v/s South Australian redbacks”