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The Internet – Going Mobile

With the newest, fanciest gadgets & everything being totally accessible on the move – internet/3g is no longer a luxury, but in fact a necessity. Although I do call it a necessity, it at the same time is loads of fun.

In my opinion, the internet going mobile & at my finger tips: Continue reading “The Internet – Going Mobile”

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Flashing Cyanogen on your rooted HTC Desire

So if you have followed the one-click root process to root your HTC Desire, here’s the next step from there.

Now that you have root access what are you going to do about it! Well, you flash a ROM of your choice. I chose Cyanogen which is supposed to be one of the best ones, and with a not so complicated process. Continue reading “Flashing Cyanogen on your rooted HTC Desire”

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Hacking the HTC Desire

So its been awhile since I blogged and I decided to make a come-back with an update on my phone. No it’s not a phone review yet, but that is on the list too.

So the HTC Desire is a super phone and I’ve loved every bit of Going Android. The Android Market has so many applications to download and explore, loads of games, books, health apps, wallpapers, media and loads of widgets. There’s just one thing that stops me from downloading unlimited and that is the issue of Android 2.2 not letting you save your apps to the SD Card. This means everything I download or atleast most of the apps I download gets stored on the internal memory – 512 mb giving me the *beep beep* Low on Storage Space alert.* The good news is, that there is a solution with Android 2.3, but what until then? Continue reading “Hacking the HTC Desire”