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Bit the Apple. I’m hypnotized.

Ever heard of the story of Snow White. She was tricked by an evil witch into eating a poisoned apple and she was hypnotized after just one bite.snow white


Well, in this story I’m Snow White. The apple I bit into came into existence thanks to Mr. Steve Jobs. Why did I bite of it? It looked like it deserved a bite and I’d resisted it for far too long.

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Phone App Review: WeChat

(This is a guest post by Dwayne who writes for Technogravy – The latest in gadgets, tech, gaming, and all that fun stuff…)

In the crowded space for Social Messaging applications, it’s hard to imagine making the shift from our existing favorites to something new. But then there is always scope for improvement, and the question “Can it do it all?” is still out there. How often have we texted a friend on our “favorite” messaging application, only to ask them to come online on our “favorite” video call application? Well, WeChat attempts to bridge that gap, creating an integrated solution for all your social interactions (well almost), be it Video Calls, Texting, Voice Messaging, Media Sharing, etc. and it does some of them very well, but does it have what it takes to make you (and your chunky friend-lists) make the shift? Read on to find out. Continue reading “Phone App Review: WeChat”