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Love is Patient, Love is Kind.

What does it mean when you tell someone you love them?

For me, I think every time I’ve told somebody that I’ve loved them, I think that it’s because of how that person makes me feel. Whether it’s my husband, my mum, sis or dad. I like how they make me feel, I like the feeling of being loved, I like being important to them and that’s why I love them because of what they do for me.

This is the same reason we cry when people die because we think to ourselves, “I am going to miss him/her around!.” If we did think about the person who died and has gone to a better place we would not cry. We  would be happy for the person. But it’s because we love ourselves more that we cry for our loss!

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Of Course there is an Animal Heaven & Most Definitely a Doggie Heaven!

I know there is no proof of that and I pride myself in believing only in things that make sense – for example the fact that I chose Christianity over any other religion because it has the most common sense. But I believe what I believe with reason enough to believe.

I think man needs to know of a way to God, to heaven, eternity & heaven/paradise, because man knew sin, man messed up. God had to make a way back for man – so there was provision. I know the Bible does not speak about where animals go or even mention anything about them having souls but I’m going to choose to believe that it’s because animals know where they find their salvation when they die. Continue reading “Of Course there is an Animal Heaven & Most Definitely a Doggie Heaven!”

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I was late. I’d reached the office building at 9.45 sharp & there was no way I could get to the swipe machine in time to swipe for 9.45 am anyway. On my way in, I saw a driver in his car, struggling to fit into the parking space he had found for himself. As I walked towards the car, I noticed the car go forward & reverse a few times with no success at parking the vehicle at all.

I looked at my watch. It was 9.46 am. I thought I was late anyway, so I stood there & helped him park with signs to direct him into the slot. The passenger with him in the car looked at me & said thank you with a huge smile. I said thank you, waved & made my way towards the entrance of the office. That’s when I thought of #smalljoys as a post. Continue reading “#SmallJoys”