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Product Review – Sunsilk Perfect Straight Range

Thanks to Indiblogger‘s ways to reward their bloggers, I received a sample of Sunsilk’s Perfect Straight Range. All I needed to do was fill up a form for a sample with a promise to review the product  & my product was delivered to me. For the future, I must recommend to Indiblogger that they must include a note with every parcel they send to bloggers, so bloggers know where it has come from & not start to wonder if Santa or Fairy God-Mothers maybe real.

2013-02-20 09.15.24

I have naturally wavy hair, that I didn’t learn to love until very recently. I would always think of my hair as horribly frizzy, un-stylable, rough, brown as compared to my little sisters beautiful shiny, black, straight rich hair.

My straight hair experiments consist of  the most traditional attempts at getting straight hair.

  1. I’ve blow dried my hair with a curling brush and heat through a flat nozzled blow dryer – leaving my hair naturally straight but without it lasting long enough for me to go out and have fun with.
  2. Later in college, one of my friends introduced me to the idea of ironing out my hair, not on an ironing table but definitely with a clothes iron & a thick towel under. Every time she put the iron to my hair I would hear my hair make a whooosh sound, scaring me. The experiment though, turned out very successful leaving me with beautifully shiny & straight hair but leaving my mum very annoyed with the experiment.
  3. I then tried permanently straightening my hair too – but then couldn’t afford the expensive shampoo + conditioner every month to maintain it, leaving my hair horribly rough all over again – Ever since then, I’ve vowed to never have any chemical treatments done to my hair.
  4. Finally when I made enough money, I bought myself a hair straightener – which is the only hair straightening experiment gone  right, that I use now every time I need to straighten out my hair.
  5. My most recent experiment was with the Sunsilk Perfect Straight range that I received for a review from

I used the Sunsilk Perfect Straight range for 3 washes before I chose to do this review. As always I like to read instructions on how to use a product before I go ahead and do it my way. But for the first time, I missed a ‘How to Use’ at the of the shampoo. So I went ahead without it. I had my hair oiled before my first hair wash with Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and this shampoo is not strong enough to wash off oil. I had to go back to my regular shampoo to get rid of the oil and then come back to wash my hair with this to see the effect.  On the positive, it has a lovely odour and a lovely purple coloured thick texture to it & lathered easily.

The Sunsilk Perfect Straight Conditioner has a ‘How to Use’, which I was happy to read. The conditioner did make my hair fall a little more than normal while wet, which did bother me a bit. Positive was I didn’t need to use more than the usual amount of conditioner for it to spread.

But the real test was if it made my hair a straighter than it normally is? I’ll leave that to you to decide. Here is a picture.

Sunsilk Perfect Straight

This is my hair using Sunsilk Perfect Straight and also without using Perfect Straight. The bottles say that your hair must be fully aligned as they dry. I ensured I left my hair to itself, without a clip or a bun until it dried, but I wouldn’t say it made my hair any less wavy than it is naturally.

The least I would expect for this product to do would be to give me frizz free hair as promised, but it left my hair more frizzy than my regular shampoos (Dove, Pantene or L’Oreal) would which was more of a let down to me than being promised straight hair.

What I liked:

  • The fragrance
  • The texture
  • Quick Lather
  • Conditioner spreads well
  • Doesn’t knot up the hair
  • Economical

What I didn’t like:

  • Need to use another shampoo since it doesn’t wash off oil
  • Hair was not straighter
  • Doesn’t take care of frizz
  • Leaves hair rough

Will I recommend this product?

I would not recommend it, but if you are a Sunsilk fan or would like to try the product I don’t hate it that much to discourage you from buying it. I would definitely tell you that as all consumers know, we need to take everything that a product says with a little more than just a pinch of salt than be disappointed on having wasted money on it later.

I also won’t recommend the experiment. For all my readers waiting on this product, I’d recommend you invest some money in just buying yourself hair straighteners that do a much better job at leaving your hair straight.

I reviewed:

Product : Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo & Conditioner
MRP : Rs. 56 each
Vol : 80 & 90 ml respectively

P.S.: My obsession with straight hair is done with. I officially love my hair like it naturally is. The trick to prevent frizziness for me is to only comb it when it’s wet & with conditioner on.

This Post is a part IndiBlogger‘s review program for Sunsilk Perfect Straight Contest

Sunsilk Perfect Straight Runner-up


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50 thoughts on “Product Review – Sunsilk Perfect Straight Range

  1. the ever waste shampoo is used was tis shampoo …. it didn’t clear out my frizzy structure …. i swear tat there was no change while using tis shampoo …

  2. It might happened with you. But i am saying that it is not sure that every brand will suit anyone’s hair. Because hair type differs from person to person.
    I use SUNSILK brand & i am loving it. It gives a very fantastic result to my hair. I think SUNSILK brand cares better for soft hair as i have soft hair. And so far as your hair concerned it is a little bit thick & little bit unmanageable. It will be better if you use DOVE, PANTENE,L’REL etc. as these brands don’t suit me.

  3. Hey There. I fopund your blog using msn. This is a very well written article.
    I will make sure tto bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information.

    Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely return.

  4. I won’t recomend this product at all…. I have used a 180 ml bottle shampoo of synsilk perfect straight and two 100ml bottles of conditioner but there is no chane in my hair….. They are jus fooling us…. It is a pathetic product….. don’t ever try it!!!!! My money got wasted….

  5. It would be nice if the sunsilk range could have a wider selection at stores like checkers; dischem; pick n pay. I luv sunsilk but never find all the ranges url have to offer . I’m sure. Many aggree

  6. What do u mean by hair straightener – do u mean a straightening iron? Which brand is really effective? And when u comb ur wet hair to remove fizziness – is it after u use a leave-in conditioner? Which would u recommend? After several extensio hair straightening sessions, find it extremely difficult to smoothen n soften hair on the crown & front…please help!

    1. Hi Usha,

      I’m not an expert but I’ll try help you.
      By hair straightener I mean an iron. I think I’d recommend any brand that has a proper coating on the blade to reduce the effect of the heat on your hair preventing damage.
      I use a wide-tooth comb only when I have conditioner on. No, this is not the leave in type but the product I have talked about.
      Honestly, I agree with you about hair becoming difficult to manage post treatments like straightening etc. which is why in my opinion, your hair is best in it’s natural. Hpoe I could help.

      All the best.

      1. Hi from where did u get shampoo and conditioner ? I could not get it in Pakistan.
        Please tell me from where i can bought the shapmoo and conditioner

  7. I was about to buy it but after reading yr review i changed my views….im happy with dove damage repair shampoo and conditioner….i also use Matrix serum after I towel dry my hair….this controls the amount of frizziness and dryness of the hair as I am in a place where dust and extreme temperatures take a toll on once beautiful hair….good to read your review.

  8. I was really confused whether i should try the product or not, as the shampoo is not available in pouch; after buying the product if doesnt work………… it would be a total waste of money.
    Thanks all for ur valuble suggestion

  9. thnk u soooooooooooo much.coz my hair is curly, and i was hoping that if i will use it my hair will become a little i was surely so wrong.

  10. Hi even i love to hav my hair perfectly straight. Only hair rebounding or chemical based hair straightner only works. Trusting on a shampoo to make ur straight is foolish. No shampoo in the world can do that lozz..
    People should never belive in such sick adds

  11. this is what happen all the time ……………but is there any product which make the hair more staraighter than it really is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Well, I got this product for review too. And I am letting my hair dry as I write. I am experiencing the same but I would give it some more washes’ time before I write my post. Great review btw.

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