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Tangled – The Movie Review

First of all, before you read I’ll have you know I love Disney which is why this movie review may seem a little biased to you.
I know Disney fans will appreciate this anyway, so here goes.

Tangled is movie on Rapunzel – the well-known fairy tale about a princess who was taken captive by a cruel old witch and hidden away in a tower until her Prince Charming comes takes her away. Well, Disney adds a little more spice to this story.

Well, Rapunzel in this version has hair that glows in the dark (how? Not gonna tell you cos this ain’t a spoiler) and emits the power to keep whoever sings the magic song young forever. The old woman (not a witch), who wants to stay young forever kidnaps the little baby princess and locks her away in a tower. She tells her the world is too cruel for her and well, Rapunzel agrees that Mother Knows Best

All she has is a window to look out of into the world and the household chore of brushing her long long long long hair – which by the way takes up all of her time.

One fine day, Prince Charming comes along and here’s the best part of the movie where you actually see her wrestle with him (cause she’s scared of strangers) WITH HER HAIR!

And the story goes on like you expect with Prince Charming, helping her set foot outta the tower for the first time and ends happily ever after with them married.

The voice of Rapunzel by the way is Mandy Moore. Hope you like the song as much as I do – its very Disney! 🙂

What I love about the movie is the different version to the original story with the name of the movie not giving it away. The movie has some fun songs. My favourites are of course the ones I’ve chosen to post here.

Do I recommend this movie? Well, of course I do! It’s Disney! and its *sigh* fairy tale!



I do not really know what to write in these about me spaces esp since I haven't really figured myself out. (Ref my 2nd Blog Post) Hmmm... I love to sleep - my fave pass time.. my family calls me sleeping beauty I love animals (note: creepy crawlies not included) I watch a lotta cartoons on Disney Channel my fave being Kim Possible, Phineas & Ferb, Scooby Doo, Johnny Bravo.. I like to write when I'm sad or happy.. Lightens the mood when I've poured it all out on paper or computer :p I do not believe in religion but believe in a relationship with Jesus.. I like shopping for shoes more than clothes This isn't all of me but yea it should do.

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