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Book review – 50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know

Every few years when it was time for Grandma’s trip to our home, or time for our trip to visit Grandma – my sister & I would begin rehearsing our manners a few weeks before so it was a part of our every day lives (if it wasn’t already) before we met Grandma. Meeting Grandma meant that we had to keep our manners in check, we had to be at our best behaviours, best clothes, best hair. We needed to be the perfect little lady’s she wanted us to be, if not we’d have to listen to lectures we would dread about how un-lady-like we are, and what a perfect young lady does.

Reading 50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know is a lovely book, that reminded me of just that time. Every sentence, every page reminded me of Grandma. Almost made me feel like I could hear her voice in my head saying everything I read in there. Continue reading “Book review – 50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know”

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Product Review – Dove Split Ends Rescue System

Braids are a huge part of every little girl’s school days. Just when you decide you want to grow your hair longer than shoulder length, the hairstyle you are stuck with through most of your school days would be the two, neatly done, nicely oiled nightmarish braids.

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Product Review – Sunsilk Perfect Straight Range

Thanks to Indiblogger‘s ways to reward their bloggers, I received a sample of Sunsilk’s Perfect Straight Range. All I needed to do was fill up a form for a sample with a promise to review the product  & my product was delivered to me. For the future, I must recommend to Indiblogger that they must include a note with every parcel they send to bloggers, so bloggers know where it has come from & not start to wonder if Santa or Fairy God-Mothers maybe real.

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