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Book review – 50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know

Every few years when it was time for Grandma’s trip to our home, or time for our trip to visit Grandma – my sister & I would begin rehearsing our manners a few weeks before so it was a part of our every day lives (if it wasn’t already) before we met Grandma. Meeting Grandma meant that we had to keep our manners in check, we had to be at our best behaviours, best clothes, best hair. We needed to be the perfect little lady’s she wanted us to be, if not we’d have to listen to lectures we would dread about how un-lady-like we are, and what a perfect young lady does.

Reading 50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know is a lovely book, that reminded me of just that time. Every sentence, every page reminded me of Grandma. Almost made me feel like I could hear her voice in my head saying everything I read in there.

I’d agree that being a young lady is very hard on little girls who are out to have their fun & forget their manners. Most little girls/young ladies would imagine two factors that always get in the way of all of their fun:

  1. Parents
  2. Manners that they needed to always remember.

In my opinion, Kay West has done a splendid job putting all these manners into a little handy book to give away to these young women without making either parents or manners appear to be getting in the way of their fun. The book covers simple things like Golden words – Please, Thank you to Table settings, Napkin etiquette at a dining table, Personal Grooming & even etiquette while having fun or dancing. This book covers it all.

Would I recommend the book?
I’d recommend this book to every parent bringing up a young lady, I’d recommend it to young ladies who want to keep a book handy to refer to things they need to, and I’d recommend it to any one who are not sure at the next occasion they go to of what to give as the next gift to a young lady you may know of .

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