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Product Review – Dove Split Ends Rescue System

Braids are a huge part of every little girl’s school days. Just when you decide you want to grow your hair longer than shoulder length, the hairstyle you are stuck with through most of your school days would be the two, neatly done, nicely oiled nightmarish braids.

I remember how mum would oil my hair every night to ensure the tightest, neatest & most secure braids that should last through an entire day of school or a ‘tug on a braid’ argument if there was one. Such a big part of me were these braids that I could not even get a hair cut without asking mum or the hair-stylist if my hair would be possible to braid post the hair cut. If it weren’t the hair cut was canceled & I would have to go right back to being plain jane me, with all my hair being one length.

It sure was a huge task to do the braids every  morning like school expected me to do it. The bigger task was to learn how to do it like mum would after mum stopped doing it since she declared me a ‘big girl’, big enough to do her own hair.

Such a big task did braiding hair become that when mum last did my hair once, it was so neat until the end of the day that I refused to untie it when I was back from school. I went for tuitions with my braided hair, black bands & ribbons and even slept with the hair-style. Next day, (School Girl Cheat coming up) the quickest option was then just to comb the top of my hair, use a little gel to make it look like it was just done & I was ready for school.

Of course, I got caught soon enough to learn that the easy way out isn’t the easiest way & had to do my hair every day. The thing about growing up is that just when you start to take care of yourself without mummy looking over all the time, you tend to mess up a lot. Your diet goes for a toss, you are always late for school & of course, you have split ends because you oil your hair but not well enough & always miss the ends!
The result: chop off the length.
The emotion: sadness on losing my long hair but happiness because I didn’t need to braid it anymore 🙂

I escaped the split ends then, but little did I know it was temporary. I didn’t have Dove Split Ends Rescue System then and kept trimming my hair before the split ends got worse. I did eventually learn to concentrate on the ends & have rid myself of the problem of split ends ever since, but I’m sure my braids night mares would have been easier if I had Dove Split Ends Rescue System to help out with.

Today braids are the perfect hair-style for summer or even the monsoon – whether the french braid, the side braid or the plain jane braid. Of course, the school girl style two braids are still quite the task. But the best part of it all, I’m split end free

I’ve tried the Dove Split Ends product a few times but I guess it will take a while to know how much it helps out until I can rate or review this product. But the Dove girl in me, has faith enough to give a thumbs up to this product just like the rest of Dove’s products.

This Post is a part IndiBlogger‘s review program for Dove Split Ends Rescue System

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4 thoughts on “Product Review – Dove Split Ends Rescue System

    1. I dont think the solution to split ends ever is about what product you use but how you use what you use. The thing is we tend to neglect the ends of our hair a lot which is what causes dryness that results into split ends. Try oiling the ends more than the rest of your hair, applying more product to the rest, basically just pamper the ends a little more than the rest of your hair. Should work, cos it worked for me 🙂

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