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PETA India – Striving towards a better world for Animals

Just because they can’t speak, because they are a inferior to man, the human race has taken complete advantage of the animal race. For no fault of theirs, they are made to suffer, tortured, endure pain, killed & made extinct – with them probably wondering what they ever did wrong to deserve such cruelty.

Before I write any further about my love for animals & how I am against animal cruelty, may i clarify that i am a non-vegetarian. I love meat and I wish I didn’t but only because I do not like how animals are tortured until their death for everything they are worth to humans. I do not have an issue with animals being killed because that is the food chain that God had in mind, of course he wants it to exist. When God made man He gave him dominion over every other living creature but what man is doing today is misuse of that power & the dominion he has! Man has corrupted the cycle of life and therefore what  I have an issue with torture, the pain that they are not meant to endure.

This is why I support PETA. So animals around the world have a better life, so stray animals in our country are spayed rather than killed for being in the way, so that chickens have normal lives in farms & poultry houses until their death, so that cows are treated as animals with feelings rather than just milk making machines in a dairy, so that male cows are not weaned away from their mum & left to die, so that pigs are not electrocuted to death, so that elephants are not kept caged up in temples, so that animals are not made to look like tourist attractions by putting them up in zoos but left to live their lives where they belong.

Keep the circle of life alive, but let’s not torture animals while keeping that balance in nature.

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I do not really know what to write in these about me spaces esp since I haven't really figured myself out. (Ref my 2nd Blog Post) Hmmm... I love to sleep - my fave pass time.. my family calls me sleeping beauty I love animals (note: creepy crawlies not included) I watch a lotta cartoons on Disney Channel my fave being Kim Possible, Phineas & Ferb, Scooby Doo, Johnny Bravo.. I like to write when I'm sad or happy.. Lightens the mood when I've poured it all out on paper or computer :p I do not believe in religion but believe in a relationship with Jesus.. I like shopping for shoes more than clothes This isn't all of me but yea it should do.

2 thoughts on “PETA India – Striving towards a better world for Animals

  1. reached your blog cos i was looking for reviews about dove elixr and read this post , i am a non vegetarian too , i love chicken , and my body so needs it too , i know how guilty i feel , so i understand where you are coming from and try to do my best by feeding the strays in my area and getting them spayed , i hope to do more with time and help the cause in a bigger way !

    oh btw i suffered from the think alot into things disease as i call it until 9 odd months ago , it will stop , eventually lol , over thinking free since then 😀

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