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Product Review – Dove Elixir

Just got myself the new Dove Elixir hair oil. I’m a Dove girl, a true fan – no matter what I try I always find myself coming right back to using Dove. I’ve heard their products cause more damage than good, but maybe that doesn’t apply to my kinda hair – because it only leaves my hair nice as ever. The Dove girl in me has been waiting to try out this much awaited product by Dove so it sure is a product worth talking about.

Dove Elixir is a premium range of hair oils with real ingredients. It’s available in three variants:

Dove Elixir range

I chose to experiment with the Hair Fall Rescue that is made of almond oil & rose petals – because I have some hair-fall & because it was the only one available.

The first time I used it, I followed the instructions mentioned on the packing. I used it just before a hair wash, kept it for 30 mins.  The result wasn’t drastically different from what my hair looked like after a normal hair wash. It did smell wonderful though. The ends still looked a little dry. Hair-fall: I’d say was not a lot less, but I probably have to use it a few more times to see results.

I used it a second time pre-wash & post-wash. I was happy with the results after the second use. Visible differences are softer hair, lovely  fragrance, I think can see visibly less hair-fall. By the second time, I started to get pieces of the rose petals along with the oil to massage into my hair. Also, using at a serum made the dry ends of my hair noticeably soft & silky to touch.

Dove Elixir : Rose petals

What I like:

  • Non-sticky
  • Lovely fragrance
  • Multi-purpose of an oil + leave in serum.
  • Real ingredients : I can see rose petals float around in the bottle. They actually came into my hand.

What I didn’t like:

  • The pump is a little difficult to use, making the bottle all oily & slippery. Also difficult to use once the oil starts to finish.
  • Package is not travel friendly, can get messy
  • Doesn’t spread too easy, probably because it is non-sticky
  • Need to learn how to use it well so I don’t look champi

Will I recommend this product?

I’d recommend this product as a serum rather than a hair oil. It’s not much different in quality from my regular Parachute Jasmine or Bajaj Almond drops oil. As a serum, I would definitely choose this over my usual Livon (Rs. 200 for 100 ml)  since Dove would win over price + quality here.
For me, it’s definitely a switch over as a serum, maybe will be awhile till I switch over to this as my regular hair oil to replace the one hour or overnight champi rituals.

I reviewed:
Product : Dove Elixir – Precious Hair Oils with Read Ingredients
MRP : Rs. 185
Vol : 90 ml
Variant : Rose & Almond Oil



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