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Of Money, Sex & Peer Pressure

Dedicated to Nirbhaya/Damini through a glimpse into the life of a fictional male chauvinist who thought he could never be wrong because he was a man, because he was the superior race, because his mother told him so, also because every rapist is someone’s son, someone’s brother, someone’s husband or someone’s dad playing some/all of these roles to the fullest or not, but definitely living a secret desire.

His world revolved around himself. When he said he loved something, what he really meant was he loved the feeling  he got around that possession or person. If he was sad, it was because something didn’t go his way. If someone died, it was because he lost the company. Everything he did was just for himself. His passions in life were just sex & money.

A torn red Rose

When the family man in him rose up, he decided he wanted to get married. Not because he wanted to, but because of the peer pressure he felt around him. Probably something to believe has been his failure, his need to compete with the world. He should have thought about everything he did, if it really interested him or not. At least that way, whatever he did would survive & keep his interest.

His marriage surprisingly lasted for 7 years. His kids were his new toys, but he was fascinated with them only long enough till it was all new. All he taught them was to swim. He was bored with this soon too. He chose the easy way out, signed them up for swimming lessons for the teacher to finish what he started. Of course, the kids they preferred their dad in the pool with them, but he didn’t care since it wasn’t his interest anymore.  He went out looking for new avenues of interest. He began to behave like he was a bachelor all over again.

The kids were left to be brought up by the mum. She taught them everything she knew. She was part of every PTA meeting, every sports day, every annual day, every performance, every award ceremony, tears & laughter, happiness & sorrow, every wound, every doctor’s appointment. Her father in law helped but not her husband. He was too busy having his own fun. He finally found himself a way to make a lot of money, made a lot of time to spend it as well. When he was guilty he spent some of it on his family, but only when he was guilty. All of this finally made him feel like a man. He was the perfect definition of a male chauvinist.

His kids are grown up today, and they know they’ve never really had their dad around for the most of their lives. His kids remember two things he taught them – to swim, to drive a car. They look at him as a selfish dad & his wife looks at him as a someone who wasted  her life away.

If only he had the made the right choices when he was younger, if only his peer pressure hadn’t taken such control of him. If only his mum had brought him up to respect women, to weigh out his thoughts instead of just following the herd.  If only money wasn’t his god & if only sex wasn’t his only interest.

*Disclaimer: This post has no resemblance to anyone. Any resemblance that the reader finds is purely a coincidence*


I do not really know what to write in these about me spaces esp since I haven't really figured myself out. (Ref my 2nd Blog Post) Hmmm... I love to sleep - my fave pass time.. my family calls me sleeping beauty I love animals (note: creepy crawlies not included) I watch a lotta cartoons on Disney Channel my fave being Kim Possible, Phineas & Ferb, Scooby Doo, Johnny Bravo.. I like to write when I'm sad or happy.. Lightens the mood when I've poured it all out on paper or computer :p I do not believe in religion but believe in a relationship with Jesus.. I like shopping for shoes more than clothes This isn't all of me but yea it should do.

3 thoughts on “Of Money, Sex & Peer Pressure

  1. If only….I saw Damini a long time ago (a film obviously). Thanks for the story too – yes, men like that are hard to reprogram. Actually you cannot reprogram them…

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