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Book Review: An Idiot, Placements and IntervYOU by Toffee

“For one moment I could not believe I had been placed in my dream company. I pinched myself thrice to believe what I had heard was real and not a dream.”

The phrase of achievement from every engineering student who didn’t see beyond his book for 4 years of his college life, entrance exams, cut-throat competition & job interviews – that’s what this book is about.

The author Toffee as he fondly refers to himself goes into the book taking the reader through an engineering student’s life.  He begins the book with acknowledgments (in my opinion are much too personal)about a girl who rejected him, how he was trying to get over the pain & tapped into his creative being to find his calling to then write this book.

He introduces the Golden Rule about interviews that every company has it’s own recruitment procedure & that you need to prepare individually for every company. He begins the journey with different recruitment processes explaining each of them in detail in his book.

The part where he describes Aptitude Test – Toffee says, “Preparing for interviews without preparing for the aptitude test is like planning for honeymoon even before the marriage is fixed…” where he goes on to explain different type of questions and almost 10 pages of the book looked like a test paper. (Note to the author: People fix weddings not marriages)

There was a book is his hands that was as fat as the earlier version of Adnan Sami.” When he described the book a class-mate used to study for the Aptitude test. (Note to the author: You should avoid your sense of humor in your books. Not really that much fun to read)

He goes on to do a FAQ section in the book, answering questions like if Companies don’t come to my college for recruitment, what to do? He answers the question with tips on different ways you can get visibility in the job market & land yourself your dream job.

The book describes group discussions, interviews technical & HR interview formats with even a copy of Toffee’s resume format.

The last section talks about interviews, the nine dots logic problem & the aura one needs to go into an interview with. He mentions that the key to interviews is the first impression you make on the interviewer & to showcase out-of the-box thinking, confidence, committment, communication skills throughout the interview.

He addresses the question that most of us stumble with at interviews – the part where the interviewer asks the interviewee, “So… Tell me about yourself.” It is the most commonly asked question & definitely the most difficult to answer as well. Toffee helps his readers answer that question with confidence without sounding over-confident to sell your skills the right way.

This book book is a very crude version of the book ‘5 point someone’ & brings to mind the movie ‘3 Idiots‘ in a lot of pages.

Would I recommend this book?

I wouldn’t say this book has a hook to keep a reader coming back. The language could be a little more tighter & not so crude. Besides the poor grammar, the book & could definitely do without the author’s sense of humor.

I’d give the book a 2 on 5 (this is me being generous)

Author: Taufeeq Ahmed
Publisher: Bennett Coleman & Co.
Pages: 189
Price: Rs. 195

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