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Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury

Today is the day Farokh Bolsara a.k.a. Freddie Mercury was born. Why am I writing about him? Because in my opinion he isn’t a legend but someone who tried too hard to fit in, make a name, earn his fame by making all his straight paths crooked. Why am I saying this?

Well, to start with – in my opinion Freddie Mercury changed his sexual orientation from straight to bisexual just to become infamous. He had a normal marriage, a normal life for the longest time before he switched paths to decide he was bisexual & resulting in a lot of talk & gossip in the media about him. He succeeded in getting himself that fame. Here’s what he says about her, Our love affair ended in tears but a deep bond grew out of it, and that’s something nobody can take away from us. It’s unreachable … All my lovers ask me why they can’t replace her, but it’s simply impossible.”

Freddie Mercury also had an opinion about heaven. He said, “Oh, I was not made for heaven. No, I don’t want to go to heaven. Hell is much better. Think of all the interesting people you’re going to meet down there!” And In contrast here is a song he sings about heaven and everything that he wishes for on the earth to be as beautiful as it maybe in heaven. Listen to it. It’s called ‘Heaven for Everyone’

People think this man was/is a legend, I think he was terribly confused, under a lot of peer pressure to do whatever it took him to make the news. And now, just because he is so famous, people follow in his foot-steps thinking it’s probably right.

If only Freddie Mercury knew the Bible, known Jesus (which I’m sure he does now) he would have probably made a better, richer impact on the generations to come, those who listened to his music – and that would have made him a true legend.

Happy Birth-Anniversary Freddie Mercury. If only you’d stuck to your straight paths, you’d have truly stayed the legend you wanted to be through eternity.



I do not really know what to write in these about me spaces esp since I haven't really figured myself out. (Ref my 2nd Blog Post) Hmmm... I love to sleep - my fave pass time.. my family calls me sleeping beauty I love animals (note: creepy crawlies not included) I watch a lotta cartoons on Disney Channel my fave being Kim Possible, Phineas & Ferb, Scooby Doo, Johnny Bravo.. I like to write when I'm sad or happy.. Lightens the mood when I've poured it all out on paper or computer :p I do not believe in religion but believe in a relationship with Jesus.. I like shopping for shoes more than clothes This isn't all of me but yea it should do.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury

  1. Surely you made all this up! If you read the story of Freddie Mercury’s beginnings and his hard fought and well earned road to fame, it will show you that he lived his life more open and honestly than most of us do! He was a true trailblazer and will never be forgotten in the history of Rock’n Roll.

    1. Well that’s your opinion & you are welcome to have it Susan. IMO he was a wannabe trying desperately to fit in while fighting hard (like you are saying) to earn his road to fame.

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