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Book Review: 3’s A Crowd by Vijay Nagaswami

3’s a Crowd as the name clearly suggests is about infidelity – surviving and understanding it.

Everyone in relationships is dealing or have dealt with Infidelity in one way or another. If they haven’t yet in reality, they are dealing with it in their heads or living in the fear of it sooner or later confronting them.

3’s a crowd is a book that talks of infidelity in different situations – dealing with physical, emotional or just addictive reasons. The first half of the book talks of different situations when infidelity can occur. Of course, there does not always have to be a reason & that does not ever justify the need for anyone to cheat on their partner. You could be the best partner ever, and still be cheated on, reasons being not you but your partners addictive nature to living on the edge or plain addiction. This book covers it all.

What I like about the book is the way it all very detailed and explained of different stages, different relationships, in different circumstances go through this huge problem of infidelity. Although the author does tend to ramble his way through the stories, making it a little boring and repetitive, it overall does deliver the message – although not in the most interesting way.

The second half of the book on the other hand – is more readable. It talks of how both partners need to deal with infidelity. To let go or not, to trust again or not, dealing with feelings of anger, jealousy, rejection, etc.

The best part in my opinion about the book is where the author helps the reader understand what it takes to

jump back into the bandwagon, to trust again, to love again and give your relationship or any other relationship a chance with reason good enough to return.

In my opinion, this book does not necessarily cater to those couples who have been cheated on, or gone through a rough patch but also children who have witnessed a bad marriage in their parents because of infidelity, singles who aren’t yet in a relationship for the fear of being cheated on, singles who are in happy relationships to stay aware of signs that could lead to infidelity & even happily married couples – to just read for information.

Would I recommend this book?

Well, if you are one of those readers who enjoys reading all sorts of books, I’d recommend this book to you. But if you read not just to add a number to your collection of books & read for real juice, something that is un-put downable – this book ain’t for you. This is a book that can only be read if you have been driven by reason, circumstance or situation to read, without which it can be utterly boring.

He could use a bit of captivating language to keep his reader hooked especially when he is writing on topics as heavy as this one that does not cater to all audiences.



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