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Book Review: Iron Tooth by Prithvin Rajendran

Iron Tooth comes under the category of a Fantasy novel although I would call it a very failed attempt. The author has tried to go a very Enid Blyton path, failing miserably from capturing the attention of the reader (who I will be referring to further in this article as myself)

The book’s prologue begins with something about a woman who becomes pregnant, thus disgraced her family, then gives birth to not just one baby but also a troll. From there the book begins with the Kingdom of Dashter, the curse that falls on it, to some lay man named Princixx who rises to fame from a challenge he won, and then goes a very Rapunzel route of having to save a princess trapped in a tower.

The connection between the title & the story only surfaces after you are about 80% into the book, leaving me very non-motivated to even read further to find out what the iron tooth is about in the first place. Even when I did find out what the iron tooth is about, & how it helps the story move further, it’s too late, since the author by then had successfully bored me.

What the story misses terribly is a flow from chapter to chapter, with me having to make mental notes of too many unnecessary characters from the story who do not even matter later. In my opinion, the author did not even need to introduce them to me in the book.

I would also say the language used in the book is terribly poor if I have to think of this as an adult’s book of choice. If it is meant for kids, the language has too much abusive language.

My note to the author:

  • Looks a lot like this may be your first attempt at writing a book. If it is, good start. Keep writing so you can better
  • If it isn’t your first book, you definitely needs to brush up on your writing skills mainly in how you keep the reader/me interested.
  • Decide your target audience. This book can’t decide if it wants to treat me like I’m a kid, or a grown up. I should know before I open the book if I am reading a kid’s book or an adult’s book.
  • Please do not add unnecessary characters into the book. You only confuse the readers with so many people we do not need to know about.
  • When you write a summary of the book, on the back page – please give the real gist of what the book is about. This says romance, fantasy whereas the book had none of that. At least that way, you won’t get negative reviews (I chose to review the book, because what I read on the back was interesting to me) since you won’t have people like me to read the book then 🙂
  • Please develop your own writing style. Don’t try to do an Enid Blyton or a Disney. You are best at being Prithvin.
  • Or maybe, fantasy isn’t your thing.

My Verdict:

  • I would not buy this book.
  • If I did not have to review it, I would have stopped reading at Chapter 4.

To Readers:

  • If you loads of time on your hands with nothing to do, you could read this book. Although if I had to choose, I would much rather read a newspaper.
  • If you are curious as to why this review is so critical & want to still read this book, that I think could make a valid reason.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Iron Tooth by Prithvin Rajendran

  1. My! That’s pretty harsh.. But I agree with you. When you pick up a book to read, you want to be entertained, and if a book can’t even grab your attention long enough to read the next page, it’s a serious waste of time. I bought a book like that sometime ago which seemed like a lame attempt at sounding cool. The author tried to write the Indian version of American Pie and it didn’t sound right. And the language? I stopped reading only for the fear of forgetting my grammar!!

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