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Book Review: I’m Not Twenty Four…. by Sachin Garg

The book is as interesting as the Cover Page looks – which is a picture of ‘Saumya’s’ favourite red shoes. It’s the story of a 24-year-old girl, thrown into life’s craziest circumstances because of sheer bad luck, but how all of that turns right around for her.

The Story claims to be one of the most unusual ones for any city going 24-year-old girl & it sure lives up to it. A lot of us have had our elders tell us, “Child, you have not seen life! You are too young now. When you are my age, you will know.” This book proves all of those elders and their advice to youngsters wrong!

Saumya is a girl who is mistaken to be a boy. After she finished an MBA she is forced to live a man’s life, in a man’s world, in  job carved out for a man. She moves from Delhi to a tiny village in Toranagallu, that barely even has women.

A little into the story just as I started to feel like this was a normal story exaggerated into something so that it was capable of ‘novel material, the story took a turn for the worse – keeping me totally clued & tangled into the situation of the book. The book turned out to be an ‘un-put-down-able’ for me from then on.

The Author – sure had me hooked even when I was not reading the book because I continued to think of what Saumya was going through in the alien town of Toranagallu long after I had put the book away. If you read the book without knowing that the author was male, you wouldn’t even guess it. He has captured all of Saumya’s female emotions beautifully in the book. Being a girl, I can say that is exactly the sort of feelings, thoughts, dialogues we us & Sachin Garg brought that out inspite of being a male author.

What wasn’t too good: Well this is a personal opinion but I do not like the way making love is described so loosely. I think Saumya as a girl was described a little too loose to be considering sex/making love as something as simple as eating food.

Would I recommend this book? Sure! I would definitely recommend this book as an easy reader, nothing heavy and one that will keep you hooked enough to wanting to make time to come back to it. It’s just Rs. 100, so I would probably buy it more for the red shoes on the cover page & the very interesting title if nothing else.

Word of Advice: If another elder comes up to you and tells you, “Child, you have not seen life & how cruel it can be. Wait till you get to my age and then judge!” Remember this book, remember that in this day and age everyone at every age gets a taste of life, the catch is you don’t need to be uncovered from under your parents wings to taste it.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: I’m Not Twenty Four…. by Sachin Garg

  1. Sir ;

    I m Piyush I have read your all books I loved it . But sir I want to ask you that this book is not ended properly ” I’m Not Twenty Four… I’ve been nineteen for five years…” or are you work for good ending.
    I am hoping to read your more books..

    Thanking you.

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