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Book Review: Saint Patrick by Jonathan Rogers

The Story:
Saint Patrick by Jonathan Rogers is about Ireland’s well known saint.

The book is about Saint Patrick who comes from a well known, well to do family. At a very young age he was taken away from the comfort of his family & sold into slavery into Ireland. He very faithfully worked as a shepherd in his new master’s home and kept the values he carried on from his family.

Eventually, he found a way to escape. The part of the story that touches you is how after returning home, Patrick felt God tell him to go back and preach the gospel to his land that took him captive.

What did Patrick do? He listened to what God was calling him for and let them into the Christian faith, baptizing thousands.

The Book:
The Story I think is one that could touch a million souls, one that stands out. On the other hand, I think that I have read books that have been able to keep me better involved and captivated with the story.

I would say Jonathan Rogers hasn’t done justice to the story, as beyond a few pages – it took a lot of effort for me to continue reading further.

Would I recommend the book?
Errmm.. Sure I would. But if you got it free, definitely not something I would spend money on.

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