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Why I hate Rickshaws!

In my opinion, the best time to take your car out and drive civilized on Bombay roads is when there is a rickshaw strike!

For those of you who are reading this blog and have no idea what I’m talking about here’s a background:

“An Auto Rickshaw is a three-wheeled annoying vehicle that has a capacity for 3 passengers. It is the main cause to the traffic problem in Bombay and does everything it can to contribute more in ruining the traffic situation even on highways. Because of its front wheel, it has the annoying edge in being able to maneuver through traffic, breaking all the traffic laws. The Auto-Rickshaws in Bombay….. (wait for it) have now made the traffic laws. If you ain’t driving like an auto rickshaw-walla, you haven’t learnt how to drive”

With my definition complete, here are my top reasons (of my infinite list) to hate rickshaw-wallas and their annoying 3 wheelers.

  • They cause traffic jams
  • They fiddle with their meters to increase fares
  • They try to squeeze into spaces they can’t fit into, causing more traffic jams.
  • They break the laws
  • They drive on the wrong side of the roads!
  • There are no laws with them
  • They DO NOT GIVE DRIVING TESTS and are given licenses in masses.
  • Some ricks even cause pollution.
  • Some ricks have annoying horns, some even sound like trucks – to scare you to make you believe there is a very irritated truck driver honking at you to make you hurry up.
  • They pullover for passengers without giving any signals. For that matter, they never use their signals ever!
  • They go on strike quite often just to throw stupid tantrums about how they are so unhappy about so many things. If they do bring their ricks out during a strike, they charge you exorbitant fares.
  • With the meter down halfway:
Me: Rickshaw!! (with my hand out, calling a free one)
Rick: Kidhar jaana hai?
Me: (Stating my destination, I get into the rick – only to hear the rickshaw walla say….)
Rick: Nahi jayega.
Me: Kyun?? Phir gaadi kyun rok kar poocha ke kaha jaana hai mujhe?
Rick: Arre?? Tumne roka! Tumne dekha nahi ki meter toh engage hai?
Me: (fuming!!) Chalo abhi! mein toh bait gayi (too comfy to pick up all my stuff and move) nahi toh police station chalo!
Rick: (very calmly replies…) Chalo! main toh bataoga ki meter toh engaged tha, aur tum zabardasti kar rahe the!

And I had to get out of the rick and get another one!

Here is my latest story with a rick, so that by the end of this post, my reader hates ricks as much as I do, joining hands with me to fight this cause.

So, on my way to work, there is just this one signal at a round-about, which is a pretty long wait if you miss the green light. As we approach the signal, which to my relief was green (which meant there would be no 10 mins wait here), to my horror, the ricksha- walla stops the rick!

Me: Challoooo!!!!!
Rick: (Very calmly replies) Signal dekho Madamjee
Me: Kya!? Signal green hai! Red matlab stop, Green matlab Go!
Rick: Arre Madamjee! Abhi Red hoga!

So we waited for the signal to turn from ‘green’ to ‘red‘, then ‘green’ again, to start moving.

Before I end, I must tell you.. I do not own my vehicle. Sad but true, I travel by rickshaw to work. But my motto everyday is to teach the rickshaw-walla who I travel with for 10 mins on my way to work, is one new traffic rule.
But I believe that through this, I will change the world – One Rickshaw-walla at a time!



I do not really know what to write in these about me spaces esp since I haven't really figured myself out. (Ref my 2nd Blog Post) Hmmm... I love to sleep - my fave pass time.. my family calls me sleeping beauty I love animals (note: creepy crawlies not included) I watch a lotta cartoons on Disney Channel my fave being Kim Possible, Phineas & Ferb, Scooby Doo, Johnny Bravo.. I like to write when I'm sad or happy.. Lightens the mood when I've poured it all out on paper or computer :p I do not believe in religion but believe in a relationship with Jesus.. I like shopping for shoes more than clothes This isn't all of me but yea it should do.

7 thoughts on “Why I hate Rickshaws!

  1. Translate the discussion with the autorickshaw driver to english pls.

    Most enjoying discussion, had my laugh for the day.

    I am pestered to about those autorickshaws…..

    And im on vacation only

    Best regards

  2. First of all they do not stop when you try to flag them down. When you tell them your destination, no matter how good the locality they give you the look as if you asked them to take to you to the nearest gutter. Come rain or storm they will not oblige you until they FEEL LIKE. After hours of struggle when you do get one of these son of a devils to stop and get in they start their annoying louder than life engines and no matter how loud you shout they do not hear any of your directions. They take you to all the wrong places, get their metres all fired up and then say ridiculous things in the nastiest way possible. It is not fair. You struggle all day. Put up with all kinds of nonsense and then this. You work hard. You deserve respect and peace and quiet. The moment they see a docile, respectable woman they make her their prey. They know such women will not reply to their nasty comments. These vehicles must be phased out and they should make way for better transport options. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  3. One of the most ironic things about the city of Mumbai is that people are always complaining about the rudeness,deceitfulness and cheap nature of rickshawallas but still they want them to serve them inspite the fact that these goons just wanna harass the public.Autos is the sign of backwardness of a country.Developed countries do not have auto-rickshaws.Even South Mumbai do not have rickshaws and they are smarter that their counterparts in suburbs because they have always vehemently opposed them for they know what kind of mess these uncivilized people will create.Rickshaws are directly possible for slum encroachment and increase in crime.Illegal rickshaws are a source of employment for migrants who have criminal record in their native states.Rapes and sexual harassment is one of those crimes which have been frequently committed by auto drivers.Gone are the days when auto drivers were humble and service oriented.The new generation of auto drivers compromises of people of criminal past.If we look at western suburbs,it has a far higher rate of crime than South Mumbai apart from traffic congestion and pollution caused by rickshaws.A co-ordinated bus and rail system can help people travel to their destinations without being at mercy of these criminals.If people use public transport,it will bring revenue to them which will help the govt cover losses and incurr lower subsidy cost which is actually borne by taxpayers.We can help reduce traffic and pollution by using public transport.When autos wont have business,it will not only bring them to their senses but also help reduce migration,crime and slums.PLEASE BOYCOTT AUTOS AND AUTOWALLAS FOREVER.Like dinosaurs,it will be a great day in human history when autos will go extinct.

  4. ahhh been there done that,

    p.s. if you really want to take revenge get a really powerful neodymium magnet larger the better and slap it on the back of the meter : D!

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