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Mumbai Indians v/s South Australian redbacks

So yesterday’s match was quite tense. Just when you thought the action was building up, Sachin Tendulkar was bowled out by Newbie O’Brien having touched just 20 runs! The Mumbai Indians star yesterday was Tiwary with 44 runs, Rayudu following closely with 38 runs.

The shocker of it all was that after Mumbai Indians was done batting I thought to myself they’ve made themselves a good score of 180, going to be a tough one-this match, maybe they could make their first win today.. And walks in the South Austrailian Redbacks, DJ Harris making 56 runs & M Klinger at 50 runs.

And, just when I thought they would win, South Australian Redbacks wins the game with 182 runs just about knocking off Mumbai Indians out of the CLT20. One more loss aint going to go well with them.

What I am worrying about is that the South Australian Redbacks seem like a tough team, and they are going to be playing against RCB next! RCB gotta be charged to face them and the thought just makes me nervous.

Your opinion???

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