The Proverbs 31 Woman

Have you ever wondered when you read Proverbs 31 if you were meant to be this woman in today’s day and age?
What about feminism? What does the man do? What about equality of man and woman? What about all of those things?
And if Proverbs 31 does apply, what does it mean for me? Can I ever be that person? Am I expected to do it all? Am I even a woman yet, or am I still a girl?

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Love is Patient, Love is Kind.

What does it mean when you tell someone you love them?

For me, I think every time I’ve told somebody that I’ve loved them, I think that it’s because of how that person makes me feel. Whether it’s my husband, my mum, sis or dad. I like how they make me feel, I like the feeling of being loved, I like being important to them and that’s why I love them because of what they do for me.

This is the same reason we cry when people die because we think to ourselves, “I am going to miss him/her around!.” If we did think about the person who died and has gone to a better place we would not cry. We  would be happy for the person. But it’s because we love ourselves more that we cry for our loss!

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A tale of Sarasi – the Alpha Woman

Sarasi was the only girl child. Her siblings were the one brother & 3 brothers. She always dreamed of a better life as long as she lived in her father’s home especially since her mother died and her step mother came along and took that place. She didn’t really think she was mean to her but she belittle her presence as compared to her brother & step-brothers. She never understood why she was treated differently just because she was a woman, but she lived with it knowing it would end soon. Continue reading